Web Content

web content web optimization copy writerVisible Platforms is owned and operated by author and copywriter, Timothy Burns, one of the Midwest’s premier web copywriters. Since the design of your website is just as important as what you say and how you say it, quality web content helps improve the credibility of your website and encourages customer engagement.

Website content that meets SEO standards and clearly explains your product is the best way to cultivate online visibility, so our content writers craft relevant content about your products and services that specifically targets your customers, while using SEO keywords in a way that sounds natural.

In 2012, Google rewrote the rules for their search engine. Today, search engines are reading the content of your page and giving more weight to the content your customers see than to the SEO programming that is hidden in the backside of your website coding. We focus on content because while website visitors are pulled into your site via excellent design, the web’s currency is still information. In an increasingly segmented marketplace, organizations that clearly identify their unique brand position themselves for improved marketability and improve their search engine ranking.

So when you review your company website, ask these four questions:

  1. Has the information on your website changed in the last six-nine months?
  2. Is your website current with your industry trends?
  3. Is your website interactive and connected to your organization’s staff?
  4. Does your website reflect your organization’s current focus, strengths, and brand identity?

If you answered “Yes” to three or more questions, you’re in the zone. You have a great website. If you answered “No” to more than one of the questions, you need a website review. Social media and the instant connectedness of digital life have changed your customers’ expectations of your website. They expect in-depth, personal and relevant access to you, and these expectations are your opportunity to build your brand identity. If you meet the expectations of your clients, customers, and stakeholders, you reinforce your value and are positioned to leverage your online marketing to maximum value.

Contact Visible Platforms today to arrange a no-risk website review. A professional copywriter and web consultant will help you evaluate your online marketing presence, craft an online marketing message, and then discuss how compelling and professional web content can make those goals a reality.