Bringing Clarity to Social Media

social media broadcasting marketing strategyDescribing a social media network on paper is at best difficult. Multiple sites, reports, and tools work together within the online consumer ecosystem to create a flow of information between your business and your customers. Once the message is consistent, persistent, and professional, those looking for your area of expertise find it and “tune in.” We call this Social Media Broadcasting, (TM)

The best metaphor is that of a radio station. Your online social media content creates the information broadcast. Those looking for quality information find you in the social stream through search engines, Facebook, Twitter, etc. When your content is consistent and valuable, they “tune in” to your social media channels. Once online content consumers “tune to your station” you have the opportunity to earn their trust by demonstrating expertise.

If your business is stepping into this new medium, the initial flood of new terms and tools is confusing. Visible Platforms is experienced and committed to help you understand the process and harness its benefits for your business. Here are the five key steps Visible Platforms owner and social media expert Timothy Burns has designed to help you gain control over your social media marketing strategy.

1.   Publishing: Everything starts with new content, regularly published into the social media zeitgeist.

2.   Broadcasting: Online tools allow you to spread your content across the social media universe.

3.   Listening: Online tools also give the business owner a way to measure your effectiveness and determine if your message is reaching the target audience.

4.   Marketing: After you build an online tribe of followers, fans, and friends, you still have to convert them into buyers with online, digital marketing and ad campaigns.

5.   Connecting: Pushing information outward is the first step. This process creates Inbound Marketing. As a result, your prospects contact you. Your blog, twitter feed, and your email are the telephone of the 21st century business.

Visible Platforms’ social media strategies allow you to manage all your social media marketing activities in thirty to forty-five minutes a day. Can’t find the time? You can outsource much of the content creation and management to our professionals, leaving you free to focus on your business. Ask us how today!

Contact us today and ask how you can leverage your existing marketing strategies and get your message into the social media universe.