Social Marketing Platform Blueprint

Vislble Platforms Platform ABC Mentoring WebinarIn the aftermath of the social media revolution, one of the most difficult pieces of an online platform is mastering the technology and channels that allow authors and artists to focus on their branding message and business while leveraging social tools to their maximum effectiveness. Writers struggle with the unfamiliar programming, terms, and a steep learning curve. As a result, our clients often come to us because they don’t gain the traction they desire.

Visible Platforms’ Social Media Platforms include the foundation, joists, rafters, and floor boards that enable authors and artists to build a platform that stands above your competition and simplifies the task of broadcasting the message that establishes your brand.

Turn Key Packages for Writers and Artists.

Social Media Blueprint. Our programmers do the heavy lifting, and we offer attractive WP themes while writers master every skill necessary to be competent and confident in their ability to launch, build, or improve their online platform. Three packages are available.

  • Broadcast your message and find your tribe.
  • Engage your tribe and build a connected, reading audience.
  • Optimize your internet presence with a full-service package.

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Individual Services

WordPress-based Website: All our websites are built on state-of-the-industry WordPress platforms. In most cases, existing websites can be imported into the WP infrastructure without losing any existing content.

WordPress Plug-ins: Like new siding and windows in a home, a WordPress foundation gets its beauty and value from essential plug-ins that extend the blog into the social media world and amplify the site’s SEO effectiveness. Essential plug-ins are included with every platform, including training on how to use them. Premium plug-ins are available that extend your platform further into the social universe and increase its usefulness.

Social Media Integration: The WP site is integrated into, and connected to, the four major social platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and G+. Thus you can focus on what you do best, creating new content, which is automatically broadcast into these social channels.

Google+ Authorship Programming: In 2012, Google rewrote their entire search engine algorithm to make room for G+. In 2013, they will continue to reshape the industry around their new platform. By 2014, internet search results will be social and local. Google Authorship programming networks your personal brand and image into search results.

Social Media Management: Social media’s premier management dashboard, Hootsuite, will enable you to manage, monitor, and interact flawlessly with your social tribe while leveraging minimal time for maximum effectiveness. We mentor all our clients on this powerful tool.

Individual Visible Platforms Services

Twitter Tribe Campaign: Organically build your twitter tribe by attracting an audience that wants to hear your message. Twitter is the best way to find and connect with your audience in real time with minimal effort and make yourself available to your tribe.

Social Media Broadcast: Custom programming finds and harvests top quality content to add to your social media channels. By adding quality content from other experts in your niche to your social media content, you demonstrate your expertise, elevate your platform, and provide value to your audience. (This service included at no charge for clients purchasing the Social Media Platform and Twitter Tribe for six months.)

MailChimp Email Management: One of the easiest to use email newsletter services, MailChimp offers full list management and email capture features so online entrepreneurs can turn website visitors to clients and customers. It integrates seamlessly into a WP platform and is free for many users.

Complete Writer Mentoring Packages:

Platform Advanced Blogging Class: New with Visible Platforms for 2013, and from the creator of The Book Proposal Studio, the eight-week webinar-based Platform ABC empowers authors and artists by mentoring the skills and strategies you need to build and sustain the platform described in this Social Media Platform Blueprint.

All the services listed above are available individually: If you have a functioning website and are already building your platform, pick from the above-listed services and leverage the power of your social media channels to extend your platform. Contact Tim Burns @ 616.803.9705 to develop a custom strategy and get a quote.