Platform ABC Advanced Blogging Class

Vislble Platforms Platform ABC Mentoring WebinarNew for 2014, Visible Platforms’ Platform Advanced Blogging Class (Platform ABC) is an 10-week webinar that walks you through the process of building a socially integrated author platform. Through this hands-on webinar you will develop both competence and confidence in the social media world as you attract a listening audience that wants to hear what you’re writing.

Social media sites are the tools, not the end goal. As an author or artist, your goal is to build a tribe that understands you and that connects with your message. After you find your tribe, and they find you, you will want to give value to your tribe.

Then, when you are ready to launch a new book, or release a new project, your tribe is engaged, ready to hear from you and excited to make a purchase.

From the creator of the Book Proposal Studio, Visible Platforms Platform ABC will remove the technology barriers from the social media process, so you can engage your audience at new, focused levels.  We offer this webinar on a limited basis, and run the webinar three time each year. Sessions starts in Spring of each year, and then we feature a summer session, and a final session in the Fall.

The Platform ABC 10 Week Webinar includes:

  • A self-hosted, WordPress (WP) Website
  • Your choice of custom themes so your site looks and feels like you
  • A branded domain ( if you don’t have one already.
  • Professional Training videos on every aspect of the WP dashboard
  • An online community for peer to peer support and learning
  • 6 Weekly online webinars, which are recorded for your review at any time
  • 2 Webinars covering advanced social media tools
  • 2 Weeks of one on one training with Visible Platforms Mentor Tim Burns
  • 12 Months of Visible Platforms Platform ABC Newsletter featuring the latest tips and strategies to optimize your WP website


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