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Michael Hyatt, former CEO of Thomas Nelson recently applied the lessons of his book Platform: How to Get Noticed in a Noisy World, and created a book promotion strategy called a launch team. Even though he already had a significant social media following, the launch team propelled his book Platform to best seller status, something that may not have happened without the team.

A good book launch strategy is all about timing, volume and leveraging the power of an engaged community. If you sell a lot of books in a short amount of time, you can generate a lot of buzz and attention for your book, which a drawn-out, slower launch wouldn’t have.

The national book best sellers lists, including the NY Times and Amazon, are weighted based on the initial volume of book sales. The NY Times list is based on how many sales you can make in a week. Amazon uses an algorithm that takes into account ongoing sales and is updated hourly.

If you want to turn your book into a best seller, you need to sell a significant amount of books in a short amount of time. The number for NY Times is around 11,000 in a week (hard copies, not digital), and in order to break into the Top 100 of Amazon it is much less (usually a few thousand, but it’s all relative to how much other books are selling).

A launch team is how you create a lot of buzz for a particular book and break into new markets and niches.  The best way to launch a book and generate the kind of attention needed to make a best seller list and/or just earn the best chance at success, you need two things:


1. An incentive for people to buy the week the book launches (the opinions on

whether preorders count for your first week or sales vary, so this strategy doesn’t include preorders).

2. A strong word-of-mouth campaign.

A launch team focuses on creating the kind of buzz that will push your book into the best seller status. There are nine important steps in this 10 week, book launch strategy.

  1. Pre-launch: Build your website and social media infrastructure
  2. Make the big announcement
  3. Build launch team
  4. Reward the tribe
  5. Create conversations
  6. Do something generous to build good will
  7. Collect reviews
  8. Launch Week — The Promo
  9. Post-launch follow through

For authors with a book in the pipeline, and artists with a new video or CD, if you want to get noticed in a noisy world, a launch team is the most visible strategy. Pioneered by Michael Hyatt, and now used by best-selling authors across the country, Visible Platforms can mentor and manage your campaign.

Contact Visible Platforms and ask what it would take to get your campaign started.

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