Tribal Book Launch Team

book video album cd artist author launch teamMichael Hyatt, former CEO of Thomas Nelson recently applied the lessons of his book, Platform: How to Get Noticed in a Noisy World, and created a book promotion strategy called a launch team. Even though he already had a significant social media following, the launch team propelled his book Platform to best-seller status, something that may not have happened without the team.

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Bringing Clarity to Social Media

social media broadcasting marketing strategyDescribing a social media network on paper is at best difficult. Multiple sites, reports, and tools work together within the online consumer ecosystem to create a flow of information between your business and your customers. Once the message is consistent, persistent, and professional, those looking for your area of expertise find it and “tune in.” We call this Social Media Broadcasting, (TM)

The best metaphor is that of a radio station. Your online social media content creates the information broadcast. Those looking for quality information find you in the social stream through search engines, Facebook, Twitter, etc. When your content is consistent and valuable, they “tune in” to your social media channels. Once online content consumers “tune to your station” you have the opportunity to earn their trust by demonstrating expertise.

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Website Upgrades

Social media marketing requires website upgrades, and blogging platform like wordpress

Facebook, social media, and blogging platforms such as WordPress and Google’s Blogger have changed your website’s visitors’ expectations. An effective website must include new content, up-to-date business information, and a way to make a personal connection between yourself, your business, brand, and customers.

Readers want to know more than facts. The culture of your organization sets you apart from your competition. In an increasingly segmented marketplace, organizations and artists who clearly identify their strengths position themselves for improved marketability and brand identity.

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Platform ABC Advanced Blogging Class

Vislble Platforms Platform ABC Mentoring WebinarNew for 2014, Visible Platforms’ Platform Advanced Blogging Class (Platform ABC) is an 10-week webinar that walks you through the process of building a socially integrated author platform. Through this hands-on webinar you will develop both competence and confidence in the social media world as you attract a listening audience that wants to hear what you’re writing.

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